Case study: Uganda

Electricity access increased from only 2 hours a day to 24 hours for a health center and maternity.

Our partner

Green Empowerment works with local partners to bring reliable, affordable clean water and renewable energy directly to people’s homes, health centers, and schools through infrastructure built and maintained by community members themselves.

About the project

Together with Medical Teams International and Mandulis Energy, Green Empowerment installed a 7.7Kwh solar system with 19Kwh battery storage and a remote monitoring system at the Nyumanzi Health Center. The center was previously averaging just 2 hrs/day of electricity from a diesel generator, whilst offering a  robust maternity ward, and servicing both the local communities and a large number of refugees from neighboring South Sudan. The Nyumanzi Health Center now has  24-hour access to electricity,


The center serves 40,000 patients annually, including 4,000+ children and 680 births. Now with 24-hour access to electricity, the clinic is seeing improved services across the board, including: immunizations (made possible by cold-chain storage), ultrasounds for for pregnant mothers and thermal protection for preterm babies, oxygen for patients in critical care, and IT for communications and patient record keeping.